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Christopher was born and raised just north of Boston MA.  If you have ever seen any quaint idyllic stock footage of New England then you've seen where he grew up.  

Early on he dreamt of being an archeologist, because dinosaurs are unbelievably cool. Then somewhere around third grade, much to the confusion of his parents, he began acting in community theatre productions and the idea of bones in the desert transformed into tiny dressing rooms and long grueling tech weeks.

He attended Emerson College in Boston and graduated with a degree in Theatre Studies: Acting. He has trained at UCB, with award winning director Jeremy O'Keefe, and with Rob Mello Studio. 


Since his move to Los Angeles he has become a part of the amazing small theatre community here, having worked with The Blank, The Lounge, Sacred Fools, Theatre of Note, and Brimmer Street Theatre, and his creative home Celebration Theatre where he has been a company member for 9 years.

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